Witness Interviews and Statements Retrievals

SIA Investigations understands that obtaining accurate and thorough statements from witnesses can make the difference between winning and losing a court case. We can interview your witnesses and take their statements. Our skilled interviewers have been extensively trained in evidentiary law and take the strictest care so that any statement they take will be admissible in court.

Our witness interviews are conducted either in person or by telephone. Both options are legally acceptable.  If the witness consents, we can also audio tape the interview.

To set up an interview and statement retrieval, we would need to get a general idea of the spirit of what you are hoping to achieve.  A brief summary of why this person is important to your case and their relationship to the chronological events leading up to their involvement can be very helpful.  Since you have a more intimate knowledge of the information you are seeking, we rely on you to write down a list of 8-10 questions you wish asked and we will routinely ask follow-up questions as needed.

Polygraphs can also be administered in cases where a person’s character might be in question.

If you need of any of the above witness interview and statement retrieval services, please call us at 877-574-4411 for a free consultation and quote. Or contact us by email using the convenient form below.

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