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CA Private Investigator License No: 25578

Our seasoned investigation staff is proud to have over 50 years of investigative experience, serving attorneys, insurance carriers, businesses and private parties from all over the world.

We offer a staff of police trained experts recognized and licensed as experts in their specialty fields. Their skill sets include but are not limited to research and collection of public and confidential data; document experts; locating missing persons and witnesses; interviews and the collection of witness statements; locating hidden assets and liabilities; basic and/or extensive background investigations; court support document retrievals; and process serving on evasive defendants, witnesses and/or debtors. Our investigative reach can span to over 90% of the world to handle any simple or complex case you may have.

Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced sales staff offers free consultations and quotes with a passion to treat every case as if it were our personal case, and a respect for client budgets. One of the most common statements coming from private parties is that this is the first time they have ever called a private investigator. We understand this, and we are committed to proposing strategic solutions with empathy, sensitivity, confidentiality, and the upmost respect to your circumstances.

Our investigators and support staff must pass rigorous criminal background checks. This ensures our clients that our investigators are qualified and reliable.

Our detective work incorporates the latest technology and resources many of which are only available to licensed investigators. We blend cutting edge technology with street-smart old-fashioned logic, shoe leather, effort and attention to detail to achieve your objectives. Our technology is an extension our eyes and ears, but it does not substitute for tried-and-true investigative techniques, procedures, knowledge of our turf, and our experience. The results of our private investigation reflect this multi-disciplinary approach.

We are networked with top local investigators offering prospective client’s local and competitive rates domestically and internationally.

 Information is powerful. What we offer is to help you bring your darkness to light so you can make an educated decision on how to navigate through your circumstances. The question you should always ask yourself is what the cost is without the information you need. Lack of information is the true cost and only you know what that true cost can be.

• What is the cost of losing a custody battle?
• How important is it to you to know who your spouse is romantically involved with?
• What is the value of knowing that your ex perjured themselves on an income and expense declaration?
• Why is it important to know who you may be going in partnership or a committed romantic relationship with?
• Where is my long-lost friend or enemy who I wish to sue in court?
• How important is that witness to find and interview for my case?
• How many times do you have to go to the courthouse to reschedule your small claims paperwork because you cannot get your evasive defendant served?

To those who have never used a private investigator before I say if you do not hire a private investigator you may never know what you do not know. If you hire us, you have a very good chance to navigate the right path once the light is shined on the darkness. This we say is the true cost.

Our leader Matthew D. Dellepere, P.I., is proud of our affiliation with the California Association of Licensed Investigators, the World Association of Detectives, the California Association of Legal Support Professionals, and the National Association of Professional Process Services – just to name a few of our professional affiliations.

Take a moment to view the remarks some of our past clients have made on our Success Stories page. Get the peace of mind you deserve and the ability to move forward with your life.

Below you will find a list of our national and worldwide affiliations:

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National Affiliations International Affiliations

Alabama (AL) investigators, Alaska (AK) investigators, Arizona (AZ) investigators, Arkansas (AR) investigators, California (CA) investigators, Colorado (CO) investigators, Connecticut (CT) investigators, DC (District of Columbia) investigators, Delaware (DE) investigators, Florida (FL) investigators, Georgia (GA) investigators, Hawaii (HI) investigators, Idaho (ID) investigators, Illinois (IL) investigators, Indiana (IN) investigators, Iowa (IA) investigators, Kansas (KS) investigators, Kentucky (KY) investigators, Louisiana (LA) investigators, Maine (ME) investigators, Maryland (MD) investigators, Massachusetts (MA) investigators, Michigan (MI) investigators, Minnesota (MN) investigators, Mississippi (MS) investigators, Missouri (MO) investigators, Montana (MT) investigators, Nebraska (NE) investigators, Nevada (NV) investigators, New Hampshire (NH) investigators, New Jersey (NJ) investigators, New Mexico (NM) investigators, New York (NY) investigators, North Carolina (NC) investigators, North Dakota (ND) investigators, Ohio (OH) investigators, Oklahoma (OK) investigators, Oregon (OR) investigators, Pennsylvania (PA) investigators, Rhode Island (RI) investigators, South Carolina (SC) investigators, South Dakota (SD) investigators, Tennessee (TN) investigators, Texas (TX) investigators, Utah (UT) investigators, Vermont (VT) investigators, Virginia (VA) investigators, Washington (WA) investigators, West Virginia (WV) investigators, Wisconsin (WI) investigators and Wyoming (WY) investigators.

Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bolivia, British Columbia, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Guatemala, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea (South), Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mariana, Islands Melbourne Mexico Monaco Netherlands Nicaragua Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Romania Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom (UK), Venezuela, Virgin Islands, and Yugoslavia.

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We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advanced services.

Our seasoned investigation staff is proud to have over 50 years of investigative experience, serving attorneys, insurance carriers, businesses and private parties from all over the world. We offer a staff of police trained experts recognized and licensed as experts in their specialty fields. Their skill sets.


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