Undercover Operations

There are many reasons why a business or an individual might need to set up an undercover operation.

In the case of businesses, undercover operatives can be highly useful in identifying and substantiating reports of such activities as employee theft, sexual harassment, gang activity and fraudulent workers’ compensation claims.  For individuals, the undercover private detective can be essential to investigations of everything from infidelity to fraud.  Undercover work can often be one of the most effective tools at the private investigator’s disposal because it represents real time lifestyle, activities and behavioral patterns.

At SIA Investigations, our agents, the vast majority of whom have previously worked in law enforcement, have received extensive training in undercover operations. They also possess considerable experience in this challenging aspect of private detective work.  A seasoned operative is key to an effective undercover assignment is trained to get that “money shot” without compromising his/her covert status.

When you hear “undercover operation”, the image that jumps to you mind may well be that of the covert international spies portrayed in movies. The reality is not quite as glamourous, but there are similarities: any undercover operation requires careful and intelligent planning and precise execution if it is to achieve its goal. Unlike rogue agents in movies, however, the real-life undercover operative is governed by the laws of evidence and must be extremely careful that any information he acquires during an assignment be admissible in court.  A person must have the proper licensing credentials and experience to raise his/her right hand on the stand to testify against an aggressive defense attorney during cross-examination.  If you, or an unlicensed person attempt to follow an individual, you might be violating stalking laws and putting your life in danger.  If you get burned you could compromise the integrity of the investigation as the person being followed may be looking over their shoulder and changing up their pre-disposed behaviors.  Undercover work is highly complex, and not to be undertaken by amateurs. Mistakes can be costly and wasteful and can undermine the very legal action the operation was designed to support.

Therefore, a detective agency with the experience and talent of SIA Investigations is necessary if your investigation is going to require undercover work. We will advise you as to whether undercover work can benefit your case, and then plan and execute an operation designed to obtain results, both in terms of evidence and of satisfaction.

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