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It’s a dangerous world out there. Is your job or personal life taking you into areas you feel threatened? Are you sleeping at night? Are you being stalked? Do you feel you need armed or unarmed protection from a professional who is trained to observe your surroundings and thwart potential physical attack? Do you need an expert to assess and evaluate vulnerabilities in your lifestyle, routines, scheduling and activities?

Executive protection need not only be for the rich and famous. There are times in life when most people could use a bodyguard or some other protection strategy.

At SIA Investigations, we offer a wide range of executive protection and personal security options that can be tailored to anyone’s needs. We possess decades of experience in the security field, and over that time, have protected ordinary victims of crimes, celebrities, dignitaries, VIPs and CEOs, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our bodyguards are all licensed and trained and have been through background checks more rigorous than those required by the state for licensing purposes. Our field operatives have learned, not only to prevent dangerous situations, but to be proactive where potential threats are concerned.

We can provide you with either plain-clothes or uniformed body guards, armed or unarmed. An initial free consultation with one of our specialists will determine what type of personnel is best suited to your specific circumstances.

Executive protection and personal security is not limited to placing an bodyguard on the job. Our team of private investigators is always at your disposal to determine the best ways to keep you safe, and, above all, avoid danger. Our ability to work in tandem with the police is an essential aspect of an effective executive protection strategy. We also use a range of electronic surveillance and TSCM/ECM techniques to protect our clients from audio, video, tracking and phone communication compromises.

We at SIA Investigations recognize that protection needs can be as varied as the types of threats and danger with which a client can be faced. Our varied capabilities assure our clients of the best protection strategy for their precise needs. We’re not merely going to assign an ex-bouncer to follow you around because we know keeping you safe in today’s world can be a matter of life or death.

Our commitment to your safety means that we will employ all the means at our disposal as part of our protection strategy. The smarter that comprehensive strategy, the safer you will be.

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