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In this evolving age of technology, new and improved surveillance devices are available for a wide variety of environments. Do you need visible cameras outside? Or maybe a wireless camera with wide angle night vision, motion activated disguised as a rock? Are you looking for something that can interface to your cell phone to alert you when motion is detected? Do you need a wireless camera disguised as a teddy bear that can move from room to room? How about an alarm clock, or a smoke detector? Regardless of your need, shop no further, we have what you are looking for.

While traditional boots on the ground remains an essential part of most surveillance operations, electronic covert surveillance cameras can now be added to your layers of security and intelligence gathering.

Are you interested in knowing where a vehicle is being driven? How fast it is driving? How long does it stop at a location? GPS vehicle tracking devices can report stop/start activities 24/7 allowing your target to run, but not hide.

The legalities of electronic surveillance are complex: the client’s need for information can run up against the Fourth Amendment and other privacy laws. The investigator must take care to ensure that the evidence he obtains through electronic surveillance be, whenever possible, admissible in court in full compliance with state and federal laws. The private investigator needs to know what he’s doing. We do.

At SIA Investigations, our understanding of electronic surveillance means that we understand its flip side as well. Please consult our counter-surveillance TSCM/ECM page for information on how we can keep you safe from prying electronic eyes and ears. We have equipment that can identify and disable any type of bug, software or app that is invading your privacy, whether it be on your vehicle, phone, home, business and/or computer.

We discuss electronic surveillance operations in detail with our clients before putting planting and activating any device to keep you from crossing the line. If needed, we offer residential and commercial property inspections to propose what type and where your cameras could capture the best footage. If you need electronic surveillance, please call us at 877-574-4411 for a free consultation and quote. Or contact us using the convenient email form below.

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