Child Custody Surveillance

Your children mean the world to you.  Your concern for their physical, mental, and emotional safety can keep you from sleeping at night.  So, child custody disputes are sad, anxiety-producing and horribly gut-wrenching.  Depending on the case, evidence of what is happening to your kids when the other parent has custody and/or visitation is almost impossible to obtain.

Who is the other parent exposing your child(ren) to? Do you know if they are a violent felon with a domestic violence and sex offender history?

You need facts of unfit parenting on time-stamp video footage. Why? Because time stamp video footage does not lie. While people in court often lie a court is usually reluctant to award sole or supervised visitation without proof the other parent in endangering your child’s life. Objective evidence and testimony are often in short supply. The darkness needs to be brought to light to leverage a favorable court ruling or it will always come down to “he said, she said.”

A private investigator can provide objective and conclusive evidence. Many of our field investigators are former law enforcement who have mastered the art of surveillance. We can also install electronic surveillance in common areas your ex is known to frequent if needed.


It is very important that you do not compromise the integrity of your objectives by following your ex or hire an unlicensed person to do so. We are credentialed to raise our right hand in court, and they are not. We do not have a “dog in the hunt” and our state license plays a major role in the courtroom when cross-examined by opposing counsel.

Is your ex not paying child support and representing under the penalty of perjury to the court that he/she is not working? Let us consult with you on the advantages of following them to a work site to offer you video footage that can impeach them in court.

Is your ex trafficking and abusing drugs? Are they drinking and driving with your child(ren) in the car? How valuable would it be to you if they were pulled over by local authorities while in transit with your child(ren)?

The true cost is not protecting your child(ren) from abuse that can follow them a lifetime. If you have concerns about one or more of these items, you need to contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

We offer a team approach:

If your child custody case is already in progress, we work with your attorney, your psychologist and/or accountant. If your case has not been filed yet, we can investigate what is really going on while your children are with the other parent. Frequently the best evidence we can ever get for you is MOST obtainable before the divorce and/or custody case is filed.

Deciding to hire a private investigator is not devious, dishonest or unfaithful, it is a responsibility you have to your child(rens) safety.

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